2 charged with trafficking

WINDER - Two Winder residents in public housing were arrested on a charge of possession of crack cocaine and marijuana Thursday, police said.

Winder Police Lt. Dennis Dorsey said 17-year-old Jarvis Evans and 21-year-old Kewanda James were charged with trafficking in cocaine after police concluded a two-month investigation and found three ounces of cocaine and a small amount of marijuana at a local apartment. About $1,000 in cash was also seized.

Dorsey said police executed a search warrant at 5:45 a.m. at 225 Graham St. Apt. 11B following a tip received two months ago on the department's Web site.

"There's a lot of leg work involved," Dorsey said. "We needed to get enough probable cause for a search warrant."

Dorsey said he thought the seizure was just a local operation. Detective Sgt. Wayne Samples, who led the investigation, said the arrests would make an immediate impact on street-level drug dealing in public housing area.

In addition to trafficking in cocaine, Evans and James were charged with trafficking in cocaine within 1,000 feet of government housing, possession of marijuana and possession of tools used in the commission of a crime.