Alleged peeping Tom arrested

•LAWRENCEVILLE - Police arrested a man believed to be a peeping Tom on Sunday afternoon at the 3300 block of Stanford Circle.

The suspect, Victor Hugo Munoz-Celaya, 25, was arrested outside the home of a female neighbor and charged with loitering and prowling.

The police report said the woman contacted police after seeing someone suspicious outside the home. When the officer arrived, Munoz-Celaya was standing on a ladder on the back side of the house.

He reportedly stepped down from the ladder, "zipped his pants," and began walking away when he was

spotted by the officer. After ignoring several of the

officer's verbal commands, Celaya finally laid

down on the ground, was handcuffed and taken without incident.

The only words the suspect spoke were "speakie Spanish," the report said.

Contract work prompts dispute

•DULUTH - A dispute broke out between a contracted worker and apartment management Thursday at Autumn Village Apartments at 1500 Boggs Road.

The apartment manager who wasn't satisfied with the work of a signmaker asked him to leave, but the signmaker refused, according to a police report. The signmaker pushed a security officer in the chest, prompting the security officer to grab his container of pepper spray.

The signmaker then walked to his Ford F350 pickup truck and retrieved a sledge hammer. The suspect came toward the security officer as if he were going to strike him, the police report stated.

The officer drew his service pistol and ordered the signmaker to drop the sledge hammer. Instead, the man put the sledge hammer back in his truck, gathered his equipment and left before police arrived.

Man allegedly threatened girlfriend

•NORCROSS - A Norcross man is wanted for allegedly threatening his live-in girlfriend with a gun in front of their 4-year-old son.

The victim told police that her boyfriend of two years, 33-year-old Ignacio Estaban Ramirez, was angry because he did not want her to leave the apartment. While she was in the kitchen, he reportedly grabbed some eggs and smashed them on top of her head.

He then pulled her hair and shoved her into the living room, where her 4-year-old son was playing, a police report stated. Ramirez then allegedly placed a revolver to his girlfriend's head and threatened to kill her if she called the police.

He also punched her in the eye and broke her cell phone to prevent her from dialing 911, according to the police report. Ramirez is charged with aggravated assault, third-degree cruelty to children and obstructing a 911 call.

- From staff reports