Man claims to have been kidnapped

•DULUTH - A 44-year-old Lawrenceville man told a very tall tale when he falsely reported being kidnapped from a TGIFriday's restaurant on Pleasant Hill Road.

The man called DeKalb County 911 to report two men had drugged him and escorted him from the restaurant Aug. 17. He claimed to remember nothing else until three days later, when he awoke in a locked bedroom in a house at 4448 Lawrenceville Highway.

Gwinnett police who were dispatched to investigate coaxed the man to crawl out of a bedroom window, according to a police report. They then confronted the two male residents, who told a substantially different story.

The residents said they met the alleged victim at a gas station and offered to let him stay in their home. He had eaten their food and had been free to come and go, the residents claimed. The residents had also seen their houseguest carrying a bag of 50 to 60 unknown pills.

Further investigation revealed there was no lock on the alleged victim's door. The man admitted he was a recovering cocaine addict. Police dropped him off at his apartment complex and no charges were filed.

Man attacks another with pool cue

•DULUTH - A 49-year-old Lawrenceville man was attacked by another man wielding a broken pool stick last week at Hustler Billiards at 3500 Gwinnett Place Drive.

The victim told police an acquaintance confronted him Aug. 25 about an outstanding debt of $500 and demanded the money, according to a police report. The suspect grabbed the victim's glasses and threw them to the floor, then broke a pool cue over his knee and tried to stab the victim with the jagged edge.

The victim was struck repeatedly in the arms, legs and back with the broken stick but was able to fight off the attacker and flee the billiard hall. Police are investigating the incident.

- From staff reports