Dacula to consider zoning for senior neighborhood

DACULA - A senior housing ordinance will be considered in Dacula this week.

The question of whether to create neighborhoods zoned primarily for people 55 years old or older was heard by the city's planning commission Monday. The matter will be heard by the city council Thursday.

Jim Osborn, Dacula's city administrator, said the request came along with a proposed annexation.

A developer wants to annex 21.21 acres off Harbins Road, across from Ace McMillan Road, into the city for 128 attached senior villas.

Dacula does not have a senior ordinance, but Osborn said the version that will be considered Tuesday is very similar to the county's. It requires at least 80 percent of the occupied units to have at least one resident who is 55 or older and promotes pedestrian access to shops and other amenities.

Everything outside the home would be common space, so residents would not have to mow lawns or take care of their yards.

Osborn said he does not know how council members will react to the proposed ordinance, but that he thinks the developer would not want to build there if there was no market in the area.

"There's probably a market for it anywhere in Gwinnett County as the population gets older," he said.

Gwinnett County approved its first senior-oriented subdivision under its new ordinance Oct. 24. That subdivision is located on Jim Moore Road across from Hamilton Mill.