Cops seek would-be robber

LILBURN - Police are still seeking a man who is wanted in connection with a Monday afternoon attempted robbery at a local bank.

Sgt. Tyler Thomas, spokesman for the Lilburn Police Department, said an obese white man entered the RBC Centura bank branch in Lilburn Monday at around 4 p.m. - right at closing time - with the intention of robbing it.

Thomas said the suspect presented a note that stated he had a gun and he wanted "all of the money," but the suspect never brandished a gun.

The man left shortly afterward with no money, saying that the teller was taking too long.

"The suspect became impatient that the teller was not able to give him the money fast enough," Thomas said.

Police have no idea who the man is, but he is described as being between 5 feet seven 7 inches tall and five feet 10 inches tall and weighing more than 250 pounds.

The FBI was notified of the incident on Monday, but agents have not yet taken the case.

Thomas said the bureau usually doesn't step in unless a gun is brandished on the scene, but the FBI can step in at any time.

"Robbing a bank is a serious thing, whether it's with a note or a gun," Thomas said.

The department has received a few calls from people who thought they recognized the suspect on television Monday night, but nothing has led to an arrest, Thomas said.

Anyone else with information about the suspect is asked to call the Police Department at 770-638-2240.