Lawrenceville grease fire injures adult, child

LAWRENCEVILLE - A stove fire at a Lawrenceville home sent one adult and one child to area hospitals Saturday afternoon.

Lt. Thomas Rutledge, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Fire Department, said firefighters responded to a 911 call from an occupant of the home at 1432 Daniel Lane at about 2:30 p.m.

Firefighters arrived and had the fire under control by 2:40 p.m.

Rutledge said the fire was caused by grease on the stove that flashed and caught fire.

There were four occupants in the home at the time of the fire, one adult and three children.

The child and adult were injured after being splashed with hot grease as they attempted to take the pan of grease outside, Rutledge said.

Their conditions were unavailable at press time on Saturday, as their names were not released by fire officials.

The fire caused minimal cosmetic damage to the kitchen and sent smoke throughout the house, Rutledge said.

Rutledge said people should remember to "watch what they heat," "stand by your pan" and turn the burners off when leaving the kitchen, as a grease fire can get out of control in seconds.

Using a lid cover, a fire extinguisher or baking soda are good ways to extinguish a pan fire, he explained.

If you do get burned, remember to cool the burn by continuously rinsing it with cold water. Do not bust blisters, and always cover the injury loosely with a clean, dry cloth. Seek medical attention immediately, Rutledge said.