You load 28 tons and what do you get? A cleaner Lake Lanier

LAKE LANIER - Volunteers collected 28 tons of trash at the 18th annual Shore Sweep the last weekend in September.

More than 1,100 volunteers picked up trash and Styrofoam around the lake Sept. 30. Last year, 45 tons of garbage were collected.

Jackie Joseph, the president of the Lake Lanier Association, said she was pleased wit the amount of debris collected.

Gwinnett County contributed to the cleanup by providing a trash bin and allowing free disposal at county landfills.

Some of the more unusual finds this year included a water bed, a king-sized pillow, a tractor tire, a chunk of concrete with a candle in it, a submerged boat and a canoe full of holes. More typical fare included cans and bottles, lawn chairs, cell phones, carpet and a wrench.