FarmFest offers trip back in time

DULUTH - "Farm livin' is the life for me."

It wasn't "Green Acres" at FarmFest, which was held at McDaniel Farm Park on Saturday, but it was definitely a true-to-life early 1900s farm.

In fact, it was easy to feel as though you had traveled decades back in time while walking through McDaniel Farm Park, and there was plenty to see and plenty to do.

The property, once a real cotton farm, has the original tenant farmhouse, barn, chicken coop, buggy shed and blacksmith shed, all of which have been restored.

And the autumn air and sunny skies provided the ideal day for an event like FarmFest, which is sponsored by Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation.

The purpose of the event is to "help visitors experience the day-to-day events of life in the 1930s," according to Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation.

And that's exactly what visitors got, as the event featured blacksmiths, quilters, hayrides and farm tours.

There was also plenty of music that one would expect to hear during that era, and plenty of food to go around.

The event began around 10 a.m. and lasted until 3 p.m.

But what farm would be complete without animals?

A collection of snakes native to Georgia, along with other animals like chickens, goats and a number of others were on display for visitors to see.

One animal lover, Tanya Lombardo of Suwanee, attended the event with her family.

Lombardo said she came out to see what farm life was really like in the 1930s, and it was the authenticity that made the trip worthwhile.

Lombardo said her favorite part of the farm was the part that displayed the red-tailed hawk and the hoot owl.

"I just like animals and learning about (them)," she said.