Letters to the Editor

Amish admirable for sticking with beliefs in face of horror

If ever there were lessons to be learned in the true meaning of brotherly love and forgiveness, we have only to look to the Amish of Pennsylvania.

These are people who do not take it upon themselves to sit in judgment and attempt to play the role they believe to be in the domain of the God they worship. They not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk. Whether or not one shares their religious beliefs, the sincerity and innocence of their faith shames us all.

I do not honestly feel that I could bring myself to attend the funeral of a man who murdered my child. I freely admit that no amount of exposure to churchly virtues exists to make me do that. Perhaps that's my misfortune, but one I have to live with.

I have never given much thought to the gentle people who cling to the old ways and farm the land and till the soil in peaceful harmony other than to marvel at how they can live in a society untouched by the pitfalls and dangers of the outside world - up until now, that is.

While I may personally lack the qualities and beliefs to be a man of religious faith, I feel privileged to live on the same planet with the Amish, a people who walk the walk every day.

- George Morin


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