Traffic to be paced for blasting

LAWRENCEVILLE - Traffic will be paced both day and night this week, and construction crews put up the beams to take traffic from Ga. Highway 316 to the right side of Interstate 85.

The beams, which crews began placing Tuesday night, will create the bridges to I-85 that are the focal point of the $150-million transportation project.

Traffic will be paced about five times a night beginning at 11 p.m. today and Thursday, Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Teri Pope said. The work should be concluded by 5 a.m.

At Steve Reynolds Boulevard, off-duty law-enforcement officers will slow traffic to about 15 miles per hour.

"This slow down gives traffic time to clear and crews can maneuver the huge bridge beams into place while no traffic is running in the area," Pope said. "I-85 southbound traffic will not be affected at all."

After encountering granite along the northbound side of I-85 this week, crews have scheduled blasting for this week.

Today and Friday, traffic will be paced for about 10 minutes sometime between 12:30 p.m. and 1 p.m., if weather allows.

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