Smoke detector saves lives of Auburn family

AUBURN - A smoke detector saved the lives of an Auburn family whose home caught fire, officials said.

Lt. Scott Dakin, spokesman for Barrow County Fire and Emergency Services, said the fire started accidentally when an HVAC unit in the attic malfunctioned. Firefighters arrived at the home at 4:30 a.m. Oct. 4 to find flames in the second story attic and venting through the roof.

Dakin said 16-year-old Brian Adkins woke up when he heard the smoke detector and crackling noises.

Adkins told firefighters he remembered to stay low to the ground from an elementary school lesson.

Throughout the month of October, the department will be teaching fire prevention and fire safety. Part of those classes are on smoke detectors, Dakin said, and the county suggests that one smoke detector be placed on every floor.

Smoke detectors should be checked once a month and batteries should be changed twice a year, Dakin said.