Police seize $3.5 million in cocaine

NORCROSS - Police found more than $3 million in cocaine hidden inside a commercial vehicle that was impounded after a routine traffic stop Thursday night.

Officers with the county's Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit stopped the truck for a lane violation at around 11:30 p.m.

Safety violations found after an on-the-spot routine inspection required the truck it be impounded.

The truck was then sent from the scene of the traffic stop on Interstate 85 near Indian Trail Road to police headquarters.

The driver, described as a middle-aged Hispanic man, was cited and released at the scene.

"The (violations) were serious enough to impound it, but not enough to take him to jail," said Cpl. Darren Moloney, spokesman for Gwinnett County Police Department.

When officers thoroughly searched the truck at police headquarters, they discovered 29 kilos of cocaine, worth approximately $3.5 million on the street.

Moloney said the cocaine was contained in several packages and was hidden in the sleeper berth of the truck.

The name of the driver and information about the commercial vehicle has not been released.

The department is actively pursuing leads, but Moloney admitted that the driver is most likely long gone.

"Honestly, I think the police department is the least of the his concerns," Moloney said. "Someone entrusted him with over $3 million in drugs. Would you like to go back and explain to them what happened to their $3 million?"