Letters to the Editor

Clean up your pets' messes

I really enjoyed reading Rob Jenkins' column on dog poop in the Gwinnett Daily Post ("Pet owners should think of others," Oct. 1, Life & Leisure).

I also have a problem with those dog owners who permit their pets to leave us reminders of their visits. I do some hiking in Gwinnett parks, especially Collins Hill and McDaniel Farm. There is adequate signing at both locations, with free doggie doo bags and trash cans.

But many dog owners totally ignore them and leave behind those land mines we all fear. My neighbors are just as guilty.

I have thought about posting a sign: "Please do what good neighbors do, and take your doggie's poo home with you!" The sign, of course, will be equipped with free Kroger bags to assist with this task.

- Glenn Parsons

Suwanee Wild theories are wrong: Bush doesn't control oil

Let me get this straight: President Bush controls the world's oil supplies? This is what some are suggesting when they errantly state that gas prices have come down because it's an election year and Bush is trying to win votes for Republicans.

How ridiculous can you get? First, OPEC countries don't give a hoot about Bush. At best, he's a pawn in their oil chess game.

Could any of the following have an effect on falling gas prices?

• Oil companies stockpiled gas in the event of another disastrous hurricane season. There was no disaster. There's a surplus now.

• Marathon and other companies have increased their ability to supply gas. Shell is expanding a refinery in Texas.

• A large section of the Alaska pipeline has been repaired. The oil is flowing freely again.

• Finally, gas prices always tend to drop after the summer vacation season ends. That would be now!

Add all of these factors up and you get a nice drop in prices. There's no evil plot; no ploy by either party to alter gas prices. You'll have to look elsewhere to pick on the president.

- Adrian Devine

Lawrenceville Panel's decision should reflect community's values

As a parent in Gwinnett who attended the county hearing, I would like to report some facts that came out that no one in the media seems to report.

First of all, a teacher testified that she read the books aloud to her class for one month and took the children on a field trip to see a Harry Potter movie.

The only reason the books in the library are being asked to be removed is that Laura Mallory was told by the media committee that any book in the school library can be used in the classroom.

I think we need to understand that there is a huge difference in banning books in public libraries and bookstores versus challenging what a committee that the county school system set up to "censor" or evaluate books for appropriateness has approved.

She is not trying to control what everyone else's children read - if you want your kids to read the series, get a copy at the public library or a bookstore. The school board gave her and any of us the right to challenge the material our children are given to read at school.

I hope that this will make parents aware of what their children are reading and take an active part in their education.

- Cathy Fleenor

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