Columnists should be held to same standard that letter writers are

It has long been the policy of The Gwinnett Daily Post that writers refrain from insulting other writers whose views differ from theirs.

I have no problem with that, but should this policy not extend to columnists whose odorous rantings insult and outrage readers on a daily basis? I respectfully submit that columnists like Bill O'Reilly, who uses the L word (liberal) as if it were spawned in the nether world by old Beezlebub himself, is a prime example of unrestrained 'bad mouth.'

The newly elected Democratic majority hasn't even taken hold yet, and O'Reilly is off and running, recklessly shooting from the lip, giving us a glimpse into his 'the sky is falling' crystal ball. He would have us believe that over half the voters in this country are big government, tax and spend, counterculture idiots with the family values of a wart hog.

In deference to the newspaper's policy, I will not call O'Reilly a narrow-minded paragon of right-wing drool, nor will I endanger my 'family values' by responding to his attack-dog rhetoric. As my grandson would say, "that would not be cool."

Instead, I would implore this fine newspaper to cease the double standard of restricting letter writers from venting venom while at the same time giving clowns (oops) like Bill O'Reilly the green light to spew all over us. Fair is fair.

George Morin


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