Statham police officer resigns following crash

STATHAM - A Statham Police officer has resigned following a crash involving his police car.

Police officer C. D. Moody resigned Nov. 13 after crashing a patrol car less than one mile outside the city limits. Moody was also involved in an incident in August in which a 16-year-old boy was pepper sprayed.

On Nov. 10 Moody was pursuing a driver of a vehicle that had run a stop sign. Moody was led down a dirt road, where his police car struck a tree six-tenths of a mile outside Statham, said Sgt. Thomas Hinson. Moody was not hurt, and the patrol car had minor damage.

"He was not disciplined for the incident and there was no investigation," Hinson said.

Moody's resignation comes three months after an incident in which he allegedly pepper-sprayed a 16-year-old boy.

On Aug. 28, Statham police received a call about three male juveniles standing in the middle of Ventura Street. Moody and fellow officer

J. R. Sweetser told the boys to move from the street. Two complied, but one remained in the street and became aggressive, according to reports. Moody told the teen to get on the ground or be sprayed with pepper spray. When the teen stepped forward, Moody sprayed him.

Moody was moved from part-time to full-time duty less than two months following the incident.

An internal investigation showed Moody's actions were within the department's policy, but the City Council voted to have Decatur attorney Laurel Henderson investigate the incident. Henderson's investigation continues, and no results have been released in the incident, said Hinson.