Unable to anticipate a true-life book emergency

This week, my newly married sister had a small crisis. It had nothing to do with her relationship with her new husband, though. Instead, she had a book emergency.

On Tuesday, only hours before she got on a 16-hour flight from her home in Seattle to Australia, my sister realized she had nothing to read. Across the country, I had plenty of books she could have taken on her honeymoon, but no way to get them to her.

If only she had spent less time planning her wedding, which was held last weekend here in Georgia, and more time thinking about books, I could have easily solved her problem. I would have gladly given her a pile of novels that would have been perfect for the plane trip and the rest of her honeymoon.

And yes, I know most people don't spend a lot of time reading on their honeymoons. Still, I think my sister, who reads at least as much as I do, will have time to finish a few books during her three-week trip.

I would have definitely given my sister a copy of "The Raven Prince" by Elizabeth Hoyt (Warner Forever, $6.50). It's one of the better romance novels that I've read in a while. In the book, Anna, a widow, must begin earning money to support herself and her mother-in-law. She finds a job as a secretary to an earl, who terrorizes everyone with his bad temper. Anna, however, isn't bothered.

While the relationship that develops between the two was somewhat predictable, I definitely didn't anticipate some of the twists the story takes. Also, I liked how each chapter began with an excerpt of a fairytale about a raven prince.

Like me, my sister enjoys chick lit. I really wish she could have taken "Accidental It Girl" by Libby Street (Downtown Press, $13) on her trip. In this story, Sadie Price is a celebrity photographer in New York City. But being part of the paparazzi isn't easy, especially after movie star Ethan Wyatt decides to pay Sadie back. He starts taking pictures of her, which are then printed by the tabloids. Suddenly, Sadie can't go anywhere without being noticed by the media.

In real life, Sadie would be more than slightly annoying, but she made a great character. I found "Accidental It Girl" very entertaining. I think my sister would like it, too.

Too bad I didn't actually lend my sister either of these books, but I am sure she found something to read at the Seattle airport before she left.

While my sister might not have taken many books to Australia, I am really hoping that she comes home with a few. In fact, I asked her to bring back some Australian chick lit.

I'll understand if she forgets, though. I'm guessing that buying books won't be her No. 1 priority on this particular trip.

If there's a book you think I really ought to read, please e-mail rachael.mason@gwinnettdailypost.com.