PlayStation 3 to be on many Christmas lists

BUFORD - Carmen Marilez laid down the law to her grandkids when they were making their Christmas wish list: "Don't even ask."

"I've been through Rainbow Brite dolls, Cabbage Patch dolls, Xbox ... you name it and nanna's stood in line for it," said the Lilburn grandmother of five. "I told them not to think about putting something on their list that I'd have to camp out and stand in line for two days to get."

"Nanna" might have gotten a reprieve. But neither the lines wrapped around the stores nor the "lottery" ticket approach to sales or the $500 price tag could dampen some shoppers' spirits as they waited out their chance to get their hands on the Sony PlayStation 3 released Friday.

Some wanted the item for their personal use. Still others were planning to sell theirs on Internet auction site eBay where, Friday afternoon, systems were going for more than $3,000.

At the Mall of Georgia Best Buy, 24-year-old Gordon Hargrove was first in line with his sister, Brittany, 16. The duo planned to pick up two PS3's, one to keep and one to sell.

Their hopeful money-making plan was also adopted by William Morgan. The 36-year-old Suwanee beverage distributor has no interest in a PS3. He is interested, however, in paying for his Maui honeymoon with fiance Debbie Killion.

"When I saw (PS3's) were going to 3,000 bucks on eBay already, I started seeing dollar signs," he said. "I wasn't going to stand in line to pay $500 for one for myself. But if I can stand in line, buy one for $500 for someone else who's crazy enough to pay $3,000 for it, that's worth my time."