Woman's parole payment stolen

•WINDER - Police said a woman awoke Friday to find her front door open, the contents of her purse emptied on the floor and some belongings out of place.

The woman told police that $155 and a money order for $30 made out to Winder Probation and Parole was missing.

Man hits clerk in the face

•WINDER - A convenience store clerk told police a black man punched her in the face Thursday.

The clerk told police that four black men were hanging out at the public restroom of Big Don's convenience store. When the clerk told them to leave, one allegedly cussed at her, spit in her face, then punched her left eye.

Woman finds pistol on porch

•WINDER - On Friday, a woman told police she had found a handgun under a chair on her back porch.

The officer found six bullets in the .380. There was no record of the gun on file with Georgia Crime Information Center. The woman told police she had no idea how the gun got there. The officer stored the gun in an evidence locker at the Winder Police Department.

Man pulls knife on bank teller

•BUFORD - Investigators are waiting to view video surveillance footage of a man who pulled out a knife in front of a teller at a Buford bank Tuesday.

According to a police report, a man entered the Hamilton State Bank at 2463 Hamilton Mill Road requesting to change his check card's personal identification number. When the teller told him the change could not be made, the suspect became agitated and pulled out a switchblade-style knife, pointing it at the victim.

The man told the teller he was just kidding and fled the bank.

- From staff reports