Berkeley Lake to unveil plans for City Hall

BERKELEY LAKE - Berkeley Lake residents will be able to see Urban Collage's plans for the new City Hall building this month.

Barbara Carroll, the city's facilities committee chair, has been tasked with keeping the project on track.

Carroll expressed some concern Thursday night about a perceived change in focus.

Councilman George Sipe questioned Eric Bosman of Urban Collage about the suitability of the site, stormwater detention and future expandability. Sipe wants his questions answered before the Nov. 30 public meeting.

Carroll said Bosman has stayed on task and that Sipe's questions will be answered.

"A lot of these issues are still muddy, and I respect everybody's efforts to thrash through them," said Mayor Lois Salter.

Other council members said the project is still in the planning phase and that no decision has to be made on Nov. 30.

Sipe made a motion to require that his questions be answered prior to the Nov. 30 meeting, but the motion did not pass.

The meeting will be held in City Hall at 7 p.m on Nov. 30.

In other business, City Attorney Dick Carothers presented a new amendment titled "Adult Entertainment Establishments."

Carothers said while free speech is to be protected at all times, it can be regulated in order to prevent prostitution, decline in property values, drug use and trafficking and other adverse effects.

Carothers wants to prohibit adult bookstores, video stores and other adult entertainment within Berkeley Lake city limits, using the argument that there are plenty of places within Gwinnett County for such businesses to locate. Carothers also said there are already three such establishments near the city, which has only 4.5 acres of commercial space, and there are no full-time officials to regulate such establishments.

Also Thursday, council members heard a first reading of an ordinance designed to govern traffic and parking.

According to councilman Walter Anderson, "safety is the issue with this ordinance."

The ordinance will be considered again at the December council meeting.