Aluminum panels stolen

WINDER - A load of aluminum panels was taken from the Calgary Downs subdivision on Jefferson Highway on Oct. 30.

The panels, valued at about $10,000, were taken from the construction site of the club house, according to the police report.

Police find missing purse

WINDER - Police officers found a lost purse while investigating a missing four-wheeler.

On Oct. 28, a man discovered his black and green Yamaha four-wheeler missing from his car shed. During the investigation, an officer discovered a pink purse and some papers on the hood of the man's car.

The officer stated it appeared that the suspects had stolen a purse earlier, went through it, then left it behind at the scene. Officers identified the purse's owner when they found a driver's license and payroll stub in it.

When the woman arrived to claim her purse, she said it had been stolen from her car at the library around midnight. The only thing missing was a pack of cigarettes, she said.

Man arrested in domestic dispute

WINDER - Police arrested a man during a domestic dispute for outstanding warrants.

Police were called to a Second Street apartment Nov. 4 for a domestic dispute. Officers surrounded the building and saw Antwon Johnson, 24, attempting to exit a second-floor window.

Johnson spotted the officers and retreated, according to a police report. Officers entered the apartment and arrested Johnson on the second floor for warrants on file with the Barrow County Sheriff's Department.

Student found in possession of metal knuckles

WINDER - A Winder-Barrow High School student was allegedly discovered with a pair of metal knuckles in his possession Oct. 24.

The student was transported to Gainesville Regional Youth Detention Center.

- From staff reports