Man pleads not guilty in murder trial

LAWRENCEVILLE - A DeKalb County man is being tried on murder charges in the 2004 slaying of a Norcross man at his home.

Larry Victor Younger, 20, is charged with malice murder, felony murder and armed robbery in a July 27, 2004, home invasion turned slaying, said Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter.

Younger pleaded not guilty in the shooting death of Scott M. Monty of Norcross and the armed robbery charge.

If convicted, Younger faces up to two life sentences in prison for all three charges, Porter said.

The trial began Oct. 30, and closing arguments should begin today. A verdict could also come as early as today.

Assistant District Attorney Lisa Jones is trying the case on behalf of the state, and defense attorney Jeff Sliz is representing Younger.

As for the incident, Porter said Younger and four other men devised a plan to steal money and drugs by raiding the home of a drug dealer who shared a duplex with Monty.

Younger and another man entered the wrong side of the duplex wearing masks and invaded Monty's home instead, Porter said. Porter said the suspects did not know the home was a duplex.

The three other masked suspects waited outside, and Monty's wife and friends were inside when the two entered, Porter said.

During the invasion, Monty grabbed Younger, pulled his mask down and threw him into the front yard, Porter said.

When Monty chased Younger into the yard, Younger allegedly fired one shot, hitting Monty in the upper right chest area, resulting in his death, Porter said.

On the other side of the duplex, police found 14 pounds of marijuana, and one person was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute, Porter said.