Many candidates running unopposed

LAWRENCEVILLE - A number of this year's political candidates at the local, county and state levels will walk into next week without election anxiety, as they are unopposed on the 2006 ballot.

This is not surprising, said Adam Stone, associate professor of political science at Georgia Perimeter College, who said he feels the Republicans have a stronghold in Gwinnett County.

This stronghold is attributed to redistricting in Gwinnett after the 2004 election and the county's traditional Republican leanings, Stone said.

"The Republicans are firmly in control and ... relatively safe," Stone said. "It's hard for the Democrats to compete, especially in Gwinnett, which favors Republicans anyway."

As for municipal elections, there are four unopposed candidates in Gwinnett County.

In Grayson, two City Council seats will go to incumbent Tammy Shumate and David Schroder; in Lawrenceville, incumbent Judy Jordan-Johnson has already won her spot on the City Council; and in Snellville, Kelly Kautz is unopposed in a special election.

As for county posts, Republican incumbent Bert Nasuti is unopposed in District 2 on the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners; Republican Rosanna Szabo is unopposed as Gwinnett County Solicitor; and Republican incumbent Dan Seckinger is unopposed in District 2 with

the Gwinnett County Board of


Robert McClure, the Republican incumbent in District 4 of the Board of Education, was opposed by Gladys Harris.

But McClure is now unopposed after Harris was disqualified earlier this year because she did not reside in District 4.

In the race for the Barrow County Board of Commissioners, incumbent Republican Isiah Berry, District 4; Republican Billy Parks, District 5; and incumbent Republican Ben Hendrix, District 6 are all unopposed.

In the race for the Barrow County Board of Education, Republican incumbent Randall Holland, District 1; incumbent Republican Connie Wehunt, District 3; Republican Larry Ballard, District 4; Republican Dan Cromer, District 7; and Republican Mark Still, District 9 are all unopposed.

On the Georgia State Senate, incumbent Democrat Curt Thompson, District 5; incumbent Republican Don Balfour, District 9; incumbent Republican Renee Unterman, District 45; incumbent Republican David Shafer, District 48;

and incumbent Democrat

Gloria Butler, District 55 are


In the Georgia State House of Representatives, incumbent Democrat Billy Mitchell, District 88; incumbent Republican Tom Rice, District 51; incumbent Democrat Pedro Marin, District 96; incumbent Republican Brooks Coleman, District 97; incumbent Republican Bobby Reese, District 98; incumbent Democrat Hugh Floyd, District 99; incumbent Democrat Brian Thomas, District 100; incumbent Republican Mike Coan, District 101; incumbent Republican Clay Cox, District 102; incumbent Republican David Casas, District 103; incumbent Republican John Heard, District 104; incumbent Republican Donna Shelton, District 105; incumbent Republican Len Walker, District 107; and incumbent Republican Terry England, District 108 are all unopposed.