Quality of life sweep on Friday

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Lawrenceville-area neighborhood will be the focus of the Gwinnett County Police Department's latest quality of life sweep.

Officials will kick off the fall season with a ceremony Friday to start the sweep of Jackson Township, which is located off Ga. Highway 120 between Riverside Parkway and Sever Road.

"Neighborhoods are getting cleaner and safer as a result of the county's new emphasis on enforcing existing codes and regulations," Police Chief Charlie Walters said.

The county cleanup program began about a year and a half ago under the name of Operation Fixing Broken Windows. Based on a revitalization model, officials decided to focus on aesthetic issues such as tall grass, junk cars and home overcrowding to get at the root of the crime problem in some neighborhoods.

So far, the quality of life unit of police and code enforcement officers have worked in neighborhoods with the county's Community Improvement Districts - the Jimmy Carter Boulevard area, Gwinnett Place Mall area and U.S. Highway 78 corridor.

According to a press release from Police Department spokesman Darren Moloney, officers will issue warnings during Friday's sweep, and if problems are not fixed by a certain date, property owners will receive citations.