Letters to the Editor

War is never cheap

Poor George, he just doesn't get it. No, I'm not referring to the remark made about George Bush by a political opponent but rather to George Morin's letter on May 23 in which he took Gen. Tommy Franks to task for saying our casualties sustained in Iraq were justified when weighed against the risk of not having done anything at all.

As Gen. Franks has said, all casualties are lamentable but war by its nature always results in casualties. And yes, comparing our casualties in Iraq vs. those in Vietnam or wherever can be instructive.

Does anyone on this planet think our 12-year war in Vietnam, which cost some 56,000 American lives, even remotely compares in strategic value to our national interest in Iraq and the Middle East, where it's a matter of keeping oil and the revenue derived from it out of the hands of terrorists? I would ask if the casualties sustained in the climactic three-day battle at Gettysburg were "justified." After all, in just three days over 10 times as many Americans died as have died in Iraq to date. If you say they were not justified, then it is obvious you wish we hadn't fought the war and as a consequence had retained slavery and been divided into two countries

It is our military that always has to disproportionately sacrifice to protect our civilian population during time of war. Those calling for our immediate withdrawal from Iraq only serve to give aid and comfort to our enemies and degrade the morale of our own troops. Who wants to have died in vain? If left to them, as was the case in Vietnam, the military can win every battle but still lose the war because of such traitorist suggestions. Retired Marine or not, had I had my way, Rep. John Murtha would be recalled to active duty for purpose of court-martial.

Most liberals can only carp about what the doers do. They have no finite ideas of their own other than creation of another "soak the rich" taxation plan to fund another giveaway program to stay in office. They can make a nice play on words, which all too often sound good but produce nothing constructive.

- Jay Wagner

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