Men charged with sellling bootleg DVDs, possession of marijuana

•NORCROSS - Police arrested two men who reportedly sold illegally copied DVDs at a Norcross gas station.

After conducting surveillance at the Shell on Mansfield Court, officers noticed that people would often park vehicles without buying gas or anything at the store, according to a report. Instead, they would smoke marijuana, buy beer and drink it on the premises and buy DVDs from sellers, according to the report.

Westley Michael Pollock, 26, and Jaja Mwanza Eccleston, 33, were caught allegedly trying to sell bootleg DVDs to people in the gas station's store and parking lot. When questioned by police, Pollock said a family member had copied the DVDs and was now selling them to get extra money for his son. He said he bought the DVDs for $1, then sold them for $5. The other suspect said he did not pay for them.

Police officers observed that the titles they were selling were only shown in movie theaters and were not yet out on commercial DVD.

Both Pollock and Eccleston were arrested and charged with theft of copyrights and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Officers obtained search warrants to search their homes. During their search of Eccleston's room, they located six bags of marijuana.

- From staff reports