Letters to the Editor

Teen drivers, parents need wake-up call

Rob Jenkins' column ("Turned off by Boortz's attitude," Perspective, May 23) started me thinking back some 40 years ago. I was a young police officer who had to see the results firsthand of some awful accidents involving young people.

One has stuck with me all of these years. I will never forget that scene. The story about the weekend deaths in Gwinnett ("Five young people killed in wrecks," Page 1A, May 23) fueled my thinking even more.

I listen to Neal Boortz but not regularly. I like Jenkins but don't always agree with him. After thinking about both stories, I want to make a point here to Jenkins.

Maybe Boortz's point is mean-spirited to Jenkins, but there are two sides to every coin. Boortz's talk could be a wake-up call to the parents of other teenage drivers. If they hear Boortz talk about these terrible accidents in his way, maybe they will start thinking.

Gwinnett and the surrounding counties have way too many young people killed in these accidents. The root fix of this problem starts in the home. Parents have to be in control of driving habits from the first day their child starts to drive.

Boortz uses the shock talk to make a point. Teenage deaths need to be addressed strongly. Let's save lives anyway we can. If this Boortz talk does that then I am for it.

- J. Robert Lauman


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