Woman arrested twice after run-ins

with police officer at school

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A Sugar Hill woman was arrested after allegedly twice yelling at a police officer when he pulled her over for alleged traffic violations at her son's school.

The officer spotted Kimberly Dawne Hall, 42, parking her car in the middle of a lane near Bethesda Elementary School. He told her she couldn't park there because she was blocking buses trying to enter the school, according to a police report.

Hall started walking to the school, and when the officer said her car would be impounded, she yelled, "If you think you can impound it in the next five minutes, go right ahead!" Then Hall went inside, according to the report.

When Hall came out she jerked the door open into his leg, pushed him with it and tried to get in and drive away, according to the report. Hall was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, failing to comply with an officer directing traffic and parking on the street when not necessary.

Ten days later, the same officer spotted Hall ignoring a sign and driving into the school's parking lot in the middle of a line of buses. He banged on her door and told her it was illegal to enter when buses were pulling into the lot. She eventually backed up, yelling expletives at the officer and raising her middle finger as she drove, the report said.

Hall was arrested and charged with traffic offense, disorderly conduct and failure to obey a traffic device.

Armed men rob dry cleaners

•LAWRENCEVILLE - Two Gwinnett dry cleaners were robbed last week in similar fashion, according to police reports.

On Thursday, two men entered Alpine Cleaners in Lilburn armed with handguns. One man went to the front of the store and told the owner to open the register. He also took our a bank bag containing the money from the previous day's sales.

The other man told one of the clerks to go to the employee break area and took her purse. They ran out the back door to where a driver was waiting for them in a late '80s Honda Civic.

In the second robbery on Friday afternoon, two men with pistols walked into Cachet Cleaners in Stone Mountain. One of them grabbed the owner by the arm and demanded his money and his cell phone. They also took about $450 in cash from the register. They demanded and took the purses of two of the witnesses at the cleaners and ran out through the back door.

In both cases, the robbers were described as two young black men, wearing black clothing and masks.

- From staff reports