Berkeley Lake amendment prohibits livestock

BERKELEY LAKE - The City Council on Thursday night hashed out a livestock amendment to Ordinance Chapter 30, an apparent reaction to a problem with a homeowner in River Mansions keeping chickens in the yard. Although the homeowner has been warned and cited for the infraction, the chickens remain.

The amendment prohibits residents from keeping livestock (cows, pigs, goats, horses, etc.) on their property. Homeowners who have indoor pets and those licensed to rehabilitate injured wildlife would not be violating the ordinance amendment.

Greenspace ordinance amendment considered

The mayor and council are still reviewing a proposed amendment to Chapter 38 of the city's ordinances that in essence spells out prohibited uses of Berkeley Lake's greenspace areas. Included in the list of violations is use of motorized vehicles, commercial use and any signage that is not directional, educational or informational. Dumping, disturbance of vegetation or wildlife and camping are also prohibited in the amendment.

The amendment was not adopted, as council members Debbie Guthrie and Walter Anderson suggested additional changes to be considered before taking further action. The amendment can be read in its entirety on the city Web site.

Road projects to commence

Repairs to roads in River Mansions and along Valley View Lane were approved Thursday night. The repair work in River Mansions will cost around $20,000 and includes driveway transition improvement, crack repair and gutter rework.

Valley View Lane's repairs are estimated to cost about $9,700 and include crack repairs and milling curbs.

Engineer Rick Edinger has been asked to study road shoulder safety issues and storm water drainage along Lakeshore Drive. Once Edinger's findings are reported to City Council members, a plan of action will be put in place.

Millage rate meeting set

A special called public meeting is scheduled for June 5 to discuss the city's millage rate.