Man charged with disorderly conduct, concealed weapon

•LILBURN - A Lilburn man was arrested Monday and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and exhibiting bizarre behavior at Intown Suites at 4350 Stone Mountain Highway.

The manager of Intown Suites contacted police after witnessing John Anthony Williams Jr. allegedly driving drunk and backing into a pole in the parking lot. When officers arrived, Williams was sitting on the hood of a car with a handgun sticking out of his front pocket, according to a police report.

He told officers he was a song artist and he wouldn't stop rapping as they attempted to speak with him. One of his lyrical creations included a line saying "I love flowers and romance, all ladies take off your pants," the police report stated.

As Williams was being placed under arrest, he continued singing and skipping his feet as officers escorted him toward a patrol car. He then reportedly tried to dive head-first into the back seat, but missed and conked his head on the car, knocking himself unconscious.

Williams was charged with disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon.

Man avoids being carjacked

•STONE MOUNTAIN - A Conyers man narrowly avoided having his vehicle carjacked Tuesday at the Phillips 66 on Rockbridge Road.

The victim pumped gas about 7 p.m. and went inside the store to pay. When he returned, he noticed a strange man walking around his vehicle and peering inside it. The suspect demanded the victim's keys, according to a police report.

When the victim refused, the suspect whacked him on the face and head with a stick. He then began chasing the victim around the gas station, the police report stated. The victim ran to another gas station across the street for refuge, but the suspect followed and tried to fight him again in the store.

Eventually, the would-be carjacker left in another vehicle. Witnesses said the suspect had been at the gas station all day drinking heavily.

Cops nab man suspected of dealing drugs

•NORCROSS - A suspected drug dealer was captured Wednesday following a police chase at Norcross Extended Stay at 2250 Pelican Drive.

A tipster called police to report that someone in room 524 who drove a gold Jeep Cherokee was selling drugs. Upon arrival, officers saw a vehicle fitting that description pulling out of a parking space and attempted to stop it.

Two men got out of the Jeep and ran away in different directions, according to a police report. A police canine found the driver, 27-year-old Jimmy J. Jones, hiding in some bushes in the area. Inside the Jeep, officers found several clear plastic baggies containing small quantities of marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy pills and other unknown pills.

Jones was charged with multiple counts of drug possession and obstruction.

- From staff reports