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Jury made right call in life sentence for deluded Moussaoui

Cal Thomas was back on the mount again ("Weakness saves Moussaoui," Perspective, May 9) when he rails against the jury for rejecting the death penalty in favor of life imprisonment for Zacarias Moussaoui.

In typical "Saint" Thomas fashion, he sermonized that the jury verdict "was an example of the moral squishiness that Islamfacists believes characterizes so much of the country." Apparently Thomas agrees with the "Islamfacists."

There is little doubt that most Americans might have preferred a death penalty verdict.

But most Americans weren't sitting on the jury in the courtroom watching this poor clown playing to the stands day after day.

There was never any conclusive proof that Moussaoui personally engaged in any active terrorist act that resulted in anyone's death. He ranted, raved and postured trying to convince everyone that he was a real player in the Sept. 11 attacks, but in the end in it was all mirrors and smoke.

Oh, intent was there all right and had he been given the opportunity he may well have been a participant. But opportunity never knocked for him and that's the name of that tune.

The jury showed courage, not weakness in its verdict, because in Moussaoui's case the smoking gun held blanks.

He may have been part of a conspiracy to do harm, but even Thomas, in his rush to judgment, would have to concede that this boy would have never made the first team. He'll have a long time to hone his skills. Life in solitary confinement is punishment enough for a wannabe terrorist, junior grade.

- George Morin

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