Pit bull shot dead after biting officer

•LOGANVILLE - A Gwinnett County police officer was bitten by a pit bull Wednesday at Gwinnett Estates mobile home park on Ryland Avenue.

Two officers were dispatched to look for a trusty who had walked away from a work site. A woman let the officers into her mobile home and said the person they were looking for wasn't there. However, she allowed them to look around inside anyway, according to a police report.

The woman warned an officer that there was a crazy pit bull in her bedroom. She restrained the dog, but when the officer entered the room the dog broke loose of its chain and bit him on the wrist.

The officer backed away and the owner regained a hold on the dog. Seconds later, the pit bull broke free again and charged toward the officer, the police report said. The officer fired several gunshots and killed the dog.

Officer A.W. Rogers was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center for treatment of the bite wound.

Motorist intentionally backs into car

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A Lawrenceville woman was driving on Lawrenceville Highway on Thursday when an angry motorist intentionally backed into her car, according to a police report.

The victim admitted flipping off another driver while heading east at 6:45 p.m. Apparently a different driver in a red 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis thought the gesture was meant for him.

The driver began yelling derogatory statements at the victim and then drove onto the wrong side of the roadway to pull around and stop in front of the victim's car. He then put his car in reverse and backed into the victim's vehicle twice, pushing it back about 10 feet and causing visible damage, the police report said.

The suspect is described as a white man, about 150 pounds and 5 feet 10 inches tall with dirty blond shoulder-length hair.

Two brothers stabbed during fight

•NORCROSS - Two brothers from Norcross were stabbed Saturday in a fight at Highland Walk Apartments on South Norcross Tucker Road.

The first victim, 23, told police that he and his 20-year-old brother got into a fight with another man. That man cut the 20-year-old on the arm and stabbed the 23-year-old in the lower stomach using a small pocket knife.

He then reportedly fled in a black Honda passenger car. Shortly after the incident, police were dispatched to a wreck nearby involving a car matching that description. The driver had fled the accident scene prior to an officer's arrival, the police report said.

A small pocket knife with bloodstains on it was located on the floorboard. Police are following up several leads in the case.

- From staff reports