Driver attacks man with tire iron

•DULUTH - A Duluth man was attacked by an angry driver wielding a tire iron Wednesday at Arbors at Breckenridge apartments at 2100 Old Norcross Road.

The victim had just pulled his vehicle into the apartment complex when an Indian man driving a burgundy Mercury van cut him off. The suspect got out, grabbed the victim by his shirt and then struck him on the jaw with a tire iron, according to a police report.

The angry driver told the victim he had been trying to pass him on the road for some time, but the victim wouldn't let him. The victim told police he didn't recall seeing the van prior to the altercation.

The suspect fled before police arrived.

Man charged with disorderly conduct

•SUWANEE - A 25-year-old Suwanee man was arrested Monday after he allegedly bit a family friend and then tried to chomp down on a police officer's leg.

An officer who was dispatched to a home on Canterbury Place Drive around 6 p.m. discovered a family friend struggling to hold down Ashish Panjwani on the kitchen floor. The officer noticed Panjwani appeared to be under the influence of drugs because he had a wild stare, dry crust on the corners of his mouth and erratic behavior.

A family member told the officer Panjwani was a special needs person who was having difficulty with medication. Prior to the officer's arrival, he had bit the family friend, according to a police report. Upon attempting to handcuff Panjwani, who was in an enraged state, Panjwani apparently hooked his hand around the officer's leg and came close to sinking his teeth into it.

The officer quickly applied pressure to Panjwani's throat, blocking his air and blood flow until he was in a semi-conscious state in order to handcuff him. Panjwani was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Robber has short attention span

•NORCROSS - Someone tried to rob a dry cleaning business at 6910 Dawson Blvd. and used a pair of scissors as a weapon to threaten the manager.

The suspect entered the business shortly before 4:30 p.m. and grabbed a pair of scissors off the counter. He then demanded that the manager open the cash register.

No sooner had the would-be thief made his demand when he instead stopped short, snatched the manager's cell phone off the counter and ran out the door. He left without getting any money from the business, according to the police report.

The manager told police that the robber appeared to be drunk.


Patrol car stolen from Sheriff's Office

•WINDER - A police car was stolen from the Barrow County Sheriff's Office last week.

Chief Deputy Murray Kogod, spokesman for the department, said the car had been surplussed and was being stored at the county's Fleet Management facility when it was taken.

He did not know the day it went missing, but said the car was taken in the early morning and was not recovered for several hours.

The person who took the car also took radios and other parts from the impound lot, Kogod said. Officers are still investigating the incident.

Police: Man appeared in court drunk

•WINDER - A man who was cited for having an open container of alcohol allegedly blew twice the legal limit at a court date Monday.

Winder resident Kevin Ford, 45, told police that he had had some vodka around 1 p.m. to calm his nerves for a court date after 3 p.m. He had a blood alcohol count of .196, according to a police report.

Ford was in court on two counts of having an open container, the report said. He was booked into the jail.

Cross-dresser threatens woman

•WINDER - Police were called to the Video Warehouse on East May Street April 24 after a man dressed as a woman reportedly made terroristic threats to a woman at the store.

The man, who was a passenger in a truck driven by another man, reportedly told the woman he was going to kill her the next time he saw her.

The man dressed as a woman denied making any threats. According to a police report, the man driving the truck said he had not heard any threats, but he also did not know his passenger was a man.

No one was charged in the incident.

- From staff reports