Letters to the Editor

Thomas does not get it -- or does he?

Cal Thomas tries to convince us that Bush (and Blair) "get it". Look into each of his points and it's obvious Cal doesn't get it -- or does he?

He tells us many Americans are "going wobbly" over the war, suggesting anyone who questions the motives for or the execution of this war are merely lacking in fortitude. He tries for another weak tie between Sept. 11 and Iraq by stating that these terrorists existed and the attacks occurred before the ouster of Sadam. The Sept. 11 terrorists were not from, nor did they have links to, Iraq.

Cal tells us the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are all about freedom. I supported the war in Afghanistan because that is where al-Qaida was based. If the Taliban had complied with our demands to turn over Bin Laden or face military action, would we be in Afghanistan now, fighting for freedom?

Had the administration told us were going into either of these countries because their people yearned for freedom, would we have been supportive? What would the votes in Congress have looked like had that been the rationale for war? One of the most repressive regimes in the world is China, yet we afford them "Most Favored Nation" status in order to facilitate trade. Fighting for freedom in Iraq sounds noble, but that was not the reason we were given for going.

So far we have been told Sadam had WMDs - he did not. A general was admonished for saying he thought the war would require hundreds of thousands of troops and cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Both have come to pass and we are far from over. We were told the insurgency was in its last throes, they appear to be getting stronger.

The only indication that Bush "gets it" was his recent statement that pulling out of Iraq would be a decision made by the next president an indication he now believes this war will last at least six years.

I'm afraid Cal does get it. He knows the only way to maintain support for this ill-advised war is to obfuscate the facts, rewrite history and attack the integrity of those who question the steady stream of misinformation that has emanated from this administration since day one.

-- John Reynolds


Arrogant illegals go on strike against U.S.

We are now at the stage where illegal aliens think they can go on strike and dictate the conditions under which they will interact with native Americans. They seem to think once they are successful in illegally entering the USA they are free to partake of our societal advantages as they see fit.

The fix for this is very simple -- if you fail to show up for work, you are fired. To those employers who say they will otherwise be out of business, I say pay legal residents a legal wage or go out of business. If customers want your product enough, they will enable you to pay a living wage; otherwise your services are not sufficiently needed. This is the inexorable law of supply and demand, and this system worked fine until the advent of illegals, which enabled employers to become excessively greedy.

-- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain