Cameras show robbery at cafe

•NORCROSS - Starbucks workers noticed a security camera had been moved out of position and $769 was missing from the safe when they arrived to work.

Footage from the security tapes at the cafe at 1560 Indian Trail showed one of the morning deliverymen noticed the safe was not fully closed. He then stopped near it and fully opened it. Another deliveryman then moved the camera's position with a broom away from the safe, according to police reports.

Another camera at a different angle showed a deliveryman removing the money from the safe.

The identify of the deliverymen is not known, according to reports.

Woman fends off man with knife

•NORCROSS - A man pulled a knife on a woman after grabbing her and shaking her at the entrance of an apartment complex in the afternoon and then he ran away.

The woman was walking with her friend at 2500 Windsor Woods Lane when a man approached her from behind and put his arms around her shoulders. She turned away from the unknown man and he grabbed her from the front and shook her, according to a police report.

She pushed him off and he pulled a knife out of his pocket but then fled from the area when she threatened to call police, the report said.

The woman said the man never said anything to her and described him as a short, stocky Hispanic man wearing a blue sweatshirt and dark jeans.

Man arrested after weaving in traffic

•NORCROSS - Officials arrested a man after watching him weave in and out of traffic while speeding on Buford Highway during rush hour.

A Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice official and an officer with the Department of Homeland Security watched as the man, later identified as William Post, 41, of Alpharetta, drove down various turn lanes, weaving in traffic to pass cars before the man was pulled over, the reports said.

Once pulled over, the man said he was not driving erratically but was trying to avoid a truck.

The man was charged with reckless driving and sent to jail.

-From staff reports