County creates new zoning information Web site

LAWRENCEVILLE - A promise to delay building new homes helped a developer win backing for a large subdivision in the overcrowded Grayson schools cluster.

The county Planning Commission endorsed a rezoning for the project Tuesday night and forwarded it to the county commission for a final vote.

The rezoning would let Richardson Housing Group put 220 homes on 110 acres on Hope Hollow Lane between Grayson and Loganville.

Initially, the Lawrenceville company wanted to put a 323-home conservation subdivision on the farm property, but it trimmed the project because of community opposition.

It also volunteered to delay building any homes for one year after the rezoning is approved. After that, it could only build 50 homes for six months, followed by a 12-month period when it could build another 75 homes.

The staggered building schedule will reduce the burden on the Grayson cluster where schools are overcrowded, said the developer's consultant, Mitch Peevy.

Residents said the compromise is palatable, but they still worry about traffic congestion and capacity at Grayson Elementary, McConnell Middle and Grayson High School.

"Our people's for it," said Don Richards, pastor of Corinth Baptist Church, which is located beside the subdivision site.

The home construction schedule would be a condition of the rezoning, meaning it would carry the force of law.

The county commission will hold a public hearing and take a final vote on the rezoning March 28.