Advocates for illegals can't get story straight

The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds, especially Latino liberals. When the debate centered around driver's licenses for illegal aliens, I said illegal immigration is a problem best addressed by the federal government, and that states would not fix the problem by issuing licenses to illegals. I was told that the statement was a cop-out. And thus ended my short courtship with the illegal alien lobby and the Hispanic press.

Now, at the wake of SB 529, the recent advocates of state action are singing and dancing a different tune to the beat of "it's the federal government's problem." Apparently the illegal alien lobby has been taking lessons for the past year in the "John Kerry Two-Step."

On one hand, they've argued the case that Latino illegal immigrants are motivated by the noble quest for a job, and on the other hand - like in a recent immigration town hall I attended as a panelist - they give a standing ovation to Rep. Brian Thomas when he suggested that employers be prosecuted for hiring illegals.

This condition is what I call "political schizophrenia."

Latino liberal Democrats and their illegal alien lobby suffer from this condition because they know illegal immigration is wrong, yet they are out of power and need a wedge issue to get it back.

Case in point: In a recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, former Mexican Consul Teodoro Maus gave Sen. Sam Zamarripa and Rep. Pedro Marin a bye on illegal immigration issues.

This bye comes from a man that has dedicated his life to the plight of illegal immigrants.

Maus has led the licensing push and amnesty for illegal aliens for years.

He has also demanded and received an apology from a local radio talk show host who had suggested militarizing the border between the U.S. and Mexico, attacked a city ordinance in Smyrna requiring that all commercial signs be written in English,and called for a Hispanic boycott of American businesses that refuse to offer services in Spanish.

Yet he said in the recent article that "Zamarripa and Marin had done the best they could under difficult circumstances." He says that Zamarripa's chance to kill the bill is lost and he can only "soften the bill." That Marin has been "pushed to the sidelines" because of the politics of his district!

This is why when in the same article Maus, who does not know me personally, says that I am "an enemy of the Latino community," I have to pause and expose the true motivation for this inflammatory comment.

Maus and his friends are not defending some moral ground. Don't be fooled by their rhetoric. The byes given to the Democratic Latino legislators, the silence of any criticism toward them by the Hispanic press and their continued hostility toward me (a conservative Republican) is indicative of only one thing - partisan politics is alive and well in the Hispanic community.

What Maus, his friends and their press would like you to believe is the entire Hispanic community is homogeneous in its thoughts and in its issues. They want you to believe all Latinos believe the laws of this country are motivated by racism and are unfair.

The entire illegal alien lobby would have you believe that all Hispanics stand in solidarity with illegal aliens and that persons such as myself, Alberto Gonzalez and Miguel Estrada, to name a few, are not "Latino enough."

I am a first-generation Hispanic immigrant. Both my parents are Cuban, and I was born in Spain. I speak Spanish fluently, love arroz y frijoles negros and think Latino baseball players are the best in the world. I am teaching my children to love their heritage and speak the language.

But I also love America because it is the best country in the world. Its people embraced my family because we respected this nation and obeyed its laws. I believe in its ideals of free markets, less government and a free society.

I also believe that this sovereign nation has the right and duty to secure its borders, enforce its laws, and punish those that would disregard them or want to do us harm.

Although I still believe that illegal immigration is a problem the federal government must resolve, I support SB 529, because my fellow Georgians and I are frustrated with the delay in Congress and are interested in nothing less than to preserve and protect what so many have fought for in the past, and what illegal immigration threatens to do to it.

A Cuban friend of mine once said that he was an American with Cuban parts. That's who I am. When I first ran for office, I stated over and over again that I was not running because I was Latino; I just happened to be Latino.

If because I love my country and my state and see to its welfare and safety, if because I firmly believe in the rule of law, if because I am a patriot and wish to do my part to preserve the blessings of liberty for my children and their children, and if because I am a conservative Republican, you viciously call me an enemy of your lobby, then it only exposes you for what you are.

David Casas is a Republican representing the 103rd District in Gwinnett County.