Letters to the Editor

We should apologize for selling out nation

We have outsourced millions of jobs to other nations. Thanks to NAFTA, CAFTA and other one-sided, job-draining deals, millions of jobs have left our borders.

Fifteen million illegal aliens have invaded our nation, swamped our social services and devastated wages and benefits, but our U.S. Senate is poised to grant them amnesty. Unprecedented massive legal immigration based on family relations and millions of questionable work visas have drained off jobs once held by Americans.

Eminent domain has taken our inalienable right of property ownership and developers rule this political process. Business interests have effectively bought and now control our politicians and business-run chambers of commerce literally run our counties.

We citizens are on the cusp of losing our nation. While we fiddle-faddle around, our nation is going down the tubes.

Our national sovereignty is in grave danger, and U.S. citizenship is about to meaningless.

Perhaps we should apologize now to our children and grandchildren for screwing up their future. We are no longer a nation but simply a business opportunity for others.

- Ernest Wade


Debate over illegal immigration pathetic

The more I observe the third-rate antics of the Georgia Legislature's debate over the illegal alien issue, the more contempt I have for lawmakers' pathetic attempts to push their personal re-election agendas.

The Democrats cater to the Latino voters and the Republicans to the businessmen who hire the vast majority of these illegals. Illegal aliens number between 12 million and 20 million nationwide, with Georgia having more than its fair share. Nobody really knows within a couple million how many illegals are among us.

The Republican bill is aimed at curtailing illegal alien benefits while the Democratic bill emphasizes the fining of employers of illegals. The reality is that both aspects need to be addressed in a single bill. But because they are in the majority, only the Republican bill will probably become law.

Major additional problems that must be addressed at the federal level include more control over our borders (called a fence), a procedure to deport some or all back to Mexico followed by a workable guest worker program, and elimination of citizenship status to children born in the U.S. by illegals who then use this connection as an avenue to permanent residence. This inattention you can blame on President Bush and Congress.

The guiding rule should be that illegal immigration should never have any advantages over legal immigration. Period.

- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain

Mandatory minimums needed for molesters

I strongly believe all 50 states should have minimum sentencing for child molesters. In fact, I think they should all adopt Jessica's Law.

- Mary Lou Alonso

Sugar Hill