Letters to the Editor

'Liberal weenies' column ignores conservatives' plight

Dick Yarbrough manages to regurgitate every cliche in the book that right-wing zealots like to use when describing who he refers to as "liberal weenies" ("Wondering about all you liberal weenies," Perspective, March 11). He dredges up the usual suspects as Democratic examples to debase, namely Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy.

He is in total lock step with the Bush administration and overlooks and ignores the multitude of gaffes and almost unbelievable missteps that have prevailed since the beginning of the Iraqi invasion.

There isn't room on this page to recount them, so let's be fair and just say that if anybody is out of touch with the mainstream thinking in this country besides Howard Dean, it is Yarbrough and his diehard knee-jerk compatriots. Unless of course, he believes that a presidential performance approval rating below 40 percent is just peachy keen.

I like Yarbrough and usually enjoy his column, but his one-size-fits-all criticism of Democrats, especially liberal Democrats, is not only unbecoming, it is downright mean. I hope this doesn't cause Yarbrough to "upchuck his biscuits," but his assessment of liberal thinking is flawed by his own prejudice.

I sometimes believe there are folks in this country who would rally around a one-party system in a heart beat; a monarchy with King George at the helm.

- George Morin