The Daily Post gives a thumbs up to Gwinnett citizens who have stood apart this week.

Diversity event an opportunity for discussion

We continue to appreciate the efforts of the Gwinnett Neighborhood Leadership Institute and Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services. We believe both play an important role in quality of life issues in our county.

This week, the two hosted "Harness the Power," a gala event and panel discussion on diversity.

Three years ago the U.S. Census Bureau measured Gwinnett's diversity and reported one in five people living in the county were born outside the United States.

We believe there is much to be gained if we can all learn to respect and embrace other cultures.

We give a thumbs up to these organizations for opening the dialogue and also those who took advantage of it by attending the event.

New fire marshal

A new fire marshal was named this week, three weeks after forced resignations and revelations that school inspections had gone undone clouded the office.

We give a thumbs up to the department for moving with haste on this issue and believe getting a replacement on board will bring much-needed stability to the group.

We also appreciate that Ed Knopick, who stepped in to assist the office when the controversy began, was the choice for the job. We're encouraged the department chose to hire from within what we believe a dedicated group of men and women.

Knopick's dedication to his profession was evident when he explained why he felt urged to respond to the call.

"You can't ask a firefighter not to respond to a call for assistance," he said.

Toys from tots

Thumbs up this week go to Providence Christian Academy fifth-grader Anna Porter, who went on a mission to help young cancer patients.

Porter was deeply moved when her friend and classmate lost his little brother to bone cancer and wanted to help other child patients as they fought their own battles against the disease.

Instead of gifts, Anna asked her friends to give her stuffed animals for her 11th birthday in October. She collected 16 to donate to the hospital.

Anna started "Stuffed for Love" in August to help the spirits of young cancer and blood disorder patients.

She organized a Valentine's Day drive at Providence, collecting an additional 35 stuffed animals for the Aflac Cancer Center & Blood Disorders service.

On Monday, she presented the center with 55 new plush toys.