No Rolex for eBay bidder

•DORAVILLE - An Illinois man was ripped off this month when he paid thousands of dollars for a Rolex watch he never received, according to a police report.

The victim told police that he won an online auction on eBay held by a suspect whose listed address was 2300 Global Forum Blvd. in Doraville. He sent a money order the next day to purchase the watch for $6,903. The watch was supposed to be delivered March 1, but it never arrived and the suspect is no longer returning e-mail messages, the report said.

Man gets ride, has car stolen

•DULUTH - A Duluth man asked a neighbor to drive him to a local liquor store and was astonished when the neighbor stole the car.

The victim, who was unable to drive because of an accident, asked his neighbor "Dex" to take him to the liquor store at around midnight.

The victim said he knew Dex from Madison at Breckenridge on Breckenridge Boulevard, and had spoken to him often. Dex allegedly dropped the victim off at the liquor store and left him there.

The victim had to walk home to report the theft of his beige 1991 Toyota Camry.

- From staff reports