County buys Meadowcreek land for park

LAWRENCEVILLE - Fulfilling the No. 1 priority in Gwinnett's parks master plan, county officials agreed to purchase 11 acres of land in the Meadowcreek area for a park.

According to District 2 Commissioner Bert Nasuti, the land is a key purchase to creating a 50- to 70- acre "mega-park."

While plans for the land are not yet complete, Nasuti said the land could hold soccer or baseball fields as well as trails. The land along U.S. Highway 29 in Lilburn is next to an elementary school near Harbins Road.

According to Nasuti, another person owns the land adjacent to it, and isn't interested in selling it.

The county is negotiating an agreement to buy the land in the future, he said.

"It's the single largest undeveloped property in the Meadowcreek area," he said. "Right now, our desire is to work with the homeowners."

Community Services Director Phil Hoskins said the county would consider the uses at nearby parks such as Harmony Grove, Lions Club and Lucky Shoals to determine the needs at the new park.

The purchase, which commissioners agreed to Tuesday, is the second using a new county policy to sign on to purchases in open meetings. In the past, the board gave the go-ahead during closed sessions. Also on Tuesday, the county accepted the donation of almost 14 acres of land along the Alcovy River.

"This land will be used for greenspace preservation to help protect water quality in the river and some of it could become part of a planned greenway trail system in the future," said greenspace planner Marcie Diaz of Gwinnett County's Parks and Recreation department.

The property was once part of the Great Rivers at Tribble Mill subdivision and was donated by the Gwinnett Open Land Trust.

There is an existing sewer pump station on a small portion of the property, so the county also issued a sewer easement to the Gwinnett County Water and Sewerage Authority, according to Hoskins.