The Daily Post gives a thumbs up to Gwinnett citizens who have stood apart this week.

Peas in a pod

Thumbs up this week to Sheriff Butch Conway for assuring a county inmate gets around-the-clock dental care.

According to Daniel "Andrew" Wolcott's parents, their 22-year-old son has been deprived dental floss and hasn't been given sufficient dental care while in jail on charges related to the theft of a $7 million charter jet.

Conway said the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that jails do not have to provide dental floss because it can be a security risk.

But, spurred by the complaints from Wolcott's parents, Conway came up with a solution. He placed Wolcott in a cell with Dacula dentist Dr. Barton Corbin. Corbin faces murder charges in the deaths of his wife and a former girlfriend. Police investigators said both of the women died of a single gunshot wound to the head and their deaths were staged to look like suicides.

All of the grievances filed by the Wolcotts have turned out to be invalid and "extremely ridiculous complaints that took an inordinate amount of resources to deal with," Conway said in a prepared statement issued Monday.

"While obviously Mr. Bart Corbin will not be treating Mr. Wolcott, Mr. Corbin would know if we needed to be notified of any type of dental emergency."

Crisis averted.

Run-in at the

tattoo parlor

When 31-year-old Jonni Rodrigo Perez strolled into La Unica Beauty Salon on Jimmy Carter Boulevard, police say he had more than a dye job on his mind.

What he didn't count on were the two men at the next-door tattoo parlor.

Police say Perez came into the salon at Tuesday night to ask about having his hair colored but was turned away because it was closing time. He then allegedly walked behind the counter and brandished a serrated steak knife, threatening to stab a female employee if she did not open the register.

A customer standing near the door of the beauty salon was able to escape and call 911. Three children of employees ran to the back area screaming and crying, according to a police report.

Perez allegedly stole about $140 from the register. Then he ran to the door where he found two patrons from the business next door: In the Flesh Tattoo Parlor. Thomas Andrew Payne, 19, of Sugar Hill, and Adam Cosy Goodman, 27, of Lilburn, heard the screaming and decided to investigate. Perez was "escorted to the ground" by the customers and held down until police officers could arrive, the police report said.

Perez' nose was injured and possibly broken in the scuffle. Perez was jailed on three misdemeanor charges of third-degree cruelty to children, two felony charges of aggravated assault and one felony charge of armed robbery.