Rooms To Go Kids store robbed

•DULUTH - Someone robbed the Rooms To Go Kids store Thursday at 2330 Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth.

An unidentified man entered the store at 8:45 p.m. while an employee was in the back office counting money, according to a police report. The man approached the employee and demanded all the money at gunpoint. He ordered the woman to place the cash into a dark book bag, the report said.

The suspect then made the employee hide under the counter and told her not to move. Two beer cans that may have been dropped by the suspect were collected by police investigators for analysis.

Drunk man wanted to 'just hang out'

•SUGAR HILL - A drunken man followed a Sugar Hill man and his 13-year-old son to their home Monday and then began pounding on their door asking them to "hang out," according to a police report.

The victims told police they were on their way home from church when a red pick-up truck traveling behind their vehicle began following them to their house on Hickory Knobb. The driver of the truck, 24-year-old Dustin Dean, then got out and began ringing the victim's door bell and banging on the door.

Dean was yelling that he wanted to "just hang out," according to a police report. When questioned by an officer, Dean said he knew the 13-year-old son, but wouldn't tell the officer how he knew the boy. Dean admitted having consumed several beers prior to leaving the Derby sports bar on Suwanee Dam Road and following the victims home.

A 24-pack of beer with only eight beers remaining was also found inside Dean's truck, the report said.

- From staff reports