Woman won't store counterfeit money

•BUFORD - A large amount of counterfeit U.S. currency was placed in a garbage bag and discarded in a stream in Buford last week, according to a police report.

A female resident of a house on Amberwyck Court told police her friend, 35-year-old Mark Stephen Linkous, asked her to store some things for him on Feb. 22. The items included a motorcycle and a black bag containing stacks of counterfeit bills. Wanting nothing to do with the funny money, the woman began to burn it in a grill in her backyard.

The woman's mother called police, but Linkous arrived first. He gathered the remaining bills in a trash bag and left, intending to return for the rest of his stuff later, the report said. Officers confronted Linkous as he was returning, and he reportedly agreed to take them to the spot where he discarded the counterfeit money.

Linkous claimed the bills were his but told police he did not spend them.

He was cited for a traffic violation.

Man charged in attack on girlfriend

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A Lawrenceville man was arrested Friday on charges of pointing a gun at his girlfriend and attempting to attack her.

Jared Alan Sherwood accused his girlfriend of lying about seeing her probation officer, according to a police report. He then reportedly grabbed her by the arms, shook her violently and punched her in the eye.

The girlfriend went to the bedroom to pack her bags, but Sherwood followed and slammed her into a dresser, the report said. The girlfriend grabbed a knife to defend herself, but Sherwood retrieved a gun and pointed it at her.

Sherwood then said, "You're not worth it," and placed the barrel of the gun in his mouth as he walked out of the bedroom, according to the report. The girlfriend locked herself in a bathroom until police could arrive.

Sherwood was charged with battery and pointing a gun at another.

- From staff reports