Snapple's new white teas light, refreshing

Snapple White Teas

Snapple has introduced a new line of "good-for-you" white teas blended with light fruit flavors. White tea leaves, touted for their health benefits, are the least processed type of tea leaves. They're harvested very early and are air dried rather than steamed or fermented. The resulting teas are very light and refreshing.

The new teas are available in nectarine, green apple and raspberry flavors. They're naturally decaffeinated and are high in antioxidants. Also, the teas are made with real sugar, not artificial sweetener, but contain a third less sugar than normal Snapple iced teas. Each 8-ounce serving has 60 calories, but be careful. The bottles are 17.5 ounces, which means each bottle contains a bit more than two servings and more than 120 calories - similar to a can of soda.

We found the white teas to be a great match for a hot summer day. The fruit flavors don't overpower the drinks, and the subtle taste of white tea should appeal to even those who don't enjoy green or black iced teas. The lack of artificial sweetener is a real plus here; there's not a trace of the chemical aftertaste found in some low-calorie drinks.

The suggested retail price is $1.39 for a 17.5-ounce bottle.

Tabasco Sweet & Spicy

Tabasco recently released a new, sweeter version of its classic pepper sauce. The Sweet & Spicy pepper sauce is infused with a blend of favorite Asian spices, and the company touts it as being a perfect dipping sauce for chicken fingers, spring rolls and vegetables. It also makes a nice marinade, salad dressing or finishing glaze.

The sauce pairs well with most meats, but is especially good with seafood and chicken.

The suggested retail price is $2.65 for a five-ounce bottle.

Ito En bottled teas

Ito En has added several new fruit flavors to its line of sweetened Sri Lankan black teas. The Japan-based company is best known for its all-natural, unsweetened bottled green teas. Mango, Raspberry, Peach and Blueberry join the already existing sweetened Apple and Lemon flavors.

The teas are brewed from premium, whole, loose tea leaves and infused with fruit flavor. Each tea has 120 calories per serving and provides 40 percent of the suggested daily requirement of Vitamin C. The teas are available at Harry's Farmers Market, Whole Foods and other specialty and gourmet grocers.

These teas were a huge hit at the office, and everyone had their own favorite flavors. The blueberry and mango were standouts, if only because they're not your typical bottled tea flavors. The teas have a strong fruit flavor and a bold tea taste and are best when served ice-cold.

The suggested retail price is $1.99 for a 16.9-ounce bottle.

- Compiled by Staff Writer Shelley Mann