Woman charged with eluding police

•BUFORD - A woman who nearly caused several accidents on Interstate 85 was arrested after allegedly fleeing an officer and driving under the influence of drugs.

A Gwinnett officer wrote in a police report that she saw Wendy Ann Jackson, 33, almost flip her black Chevrolet Blazer while driving. She was weaving in and out of lanes, and at one point jerked onto the grass past the shoulder of the roadway. Her actions caused two other cars to also swerve off the roadway onto the grass median, according to the report.

Jackson did not slow down when the officer put on her blue lights and her siren. The officer noted that it seemed like Jackson was on some stimulant because she was sticking her tongue out, shaking her head and jerking back and forth.

When all the vehicles were stopped near the Barrow County line, the officer got out and ordered the driver onto the ground. Jackson fell to the ground. She continued to move about erratically as she was arrested and was taken to the Gwinnett Medical Center. She kept ordering the officer to book her and accusing her of "setting her up," the report said.

While looking in her purse, the officer found seven white pills of Ativan, a controlled substance for anxiety. Jackson didn't cooperate to give or deny consent for a blood test.

The officer issued citations against Jackson for fleeing or eluding a police officer, reckless driving, driving without a license and driving under the influence of drugs.

Woman arrested

on charges she hit off-duty officers

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A former Taco Mac waitress was arrested last week after she allegedly hit three deputies in the head for being "lousy tippers."

Four employees of the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department were eating dinner after work at the Lawrenceville restaurant when they reported a young woman walked by and struck each of them on the head. Three of them were deputies and one a civilian employee.

When one of them asked what she was doing, 25-year-old Elizabeth Wharton replied that she used to wait tables there, and that they were bad tippers, so she hit them. She acknowledged that they were deputies, but didn't seem to care, they reported. She also appeared extremely intoxicated.

One of the deputies asked her name and age, and she gave him a false date of birth, the police report said. When an officer went by the Taco Mac the next evening, he talked to the general manager, who apologized for the incident. Another male employee told police Wharton used to work there.

An officer obtained warrants for four counts of simple battery, one count of public intoxication and one count of giving false date of birth to an officer. She was arrested last week when she went to the jail to get her citation voided.

Man pretends to be delivery man, robs woman's home

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A man robbed a Lawrenceville home by pretending to be a package delivery man, according to a police report.

The victim, a 38-year-old Lawrenceville woman, told police someone rang her doorbell on Thursday afternoon. When she went to check the door, a long-haired Hispanic man was standing in the doorway.

He claimed to be from DHL shipping company, and said he had mail for her and she had to sign for it. Then he opened the door and pulled a gun on her.

The man forced his way inside and put the gun to her head. He told her to keep quiet or he would shoot her, according to the report. He then forced her into the bathroom and shut the door.

She fled the house and ran to a neighbor's home to call the police. She later told officers that she had noticed another Hispanic man standing in the driveway. She had thought it was strange someone was delivering her mail without a car present. Officers did not find anything missing from the house.

- From staff reports