Delivery men robbed within four hours of each other

•LAWRENCEVILLE - Three food delivery men were robbed this week within a four-hour period, according to police reports.

The first of the armed robberies was Wednesday night, when a 30-year-old Papa John's employee was delivering a pizza to an apartment on Sugarloaf Parkway in Duluth.

While walking back to his car, he was approached by four black men. One of them pulled out a pistol and demanded all his money, hitting him with the handle of the gun. The others kept watch, but didn't say or do anything. The victim gave them the $27 he had, and they ran off with it, he told police.

Ten minutes later, the second incident occurred at 2650 Herrington Woods Court in Lawrenceville. The victim, a Golden Palace employee, said he was delivering the food when two black men told him a woman inside could pay for it. When he tried to deliver it, two other black men came out of a neighboring wood line.

One of the men put a broken beer bottle to the victim's throat, while the other three helped him force the victim to the ground. After yelling at the driver to give them his money, they took off his clothing, shoes and wedding ring. They took his wallet and cell phone. Three of the men got into the victim's 2004 Toyota 4Runner and drove off.

Later Wednesday night, a Domino's driver went to drop off a pizza at 3400 Sweetwater Road in Lawrenceville. When the suspect opened the door, someone was standing near him with a large knife in his hand and a hammer in his pocket. Another person took the pizza and soda, while the other threatened him with the hammer. They then told the driver to leave.

While the victim was getting in his car, two other men started walking toward him in the parking lot. He turned on his car and drove away before they could come any closer.

The three incidents were similar, but did not appear to be related.

Drunk pedestrian arrested in Stone Mountain

•STONE MOUNTAIN - A drunk Lawrenceville man who appeared to have been walking around talking to himself and yelling at cars for two straight days was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

An officer responded to a call Monday of a suspicious man walking on and along Highway 78 and Killian Hill Road in Stone Mountain. He spotted the man, 36-year-old William Brooks Jr., who was extremely intoxicated and was talking to himself, according to a police report.

Police had received complaints that Brooks was in the road and was yelling at passing motorists. The officer wrote he could smell the odor of alcohol from 15 feet away. Brooks told the officer he was going to go inside Uncle Woody's Party Place to wait for his friend to pick him up and take him home.

The next day at 4:20 p.m., the officer heard a familiar call on the police radio of a person walking around, yelling at vehicles and talking to himself. He found Brooks stumbling along the shoulder within two feet of the highway outside Dunkin' Donuts, wearing the same clothes as he had the previous day.

When the officer asked how much he had to drink, Brooks said a pitcher or two. His blood alcohol content registered at 0.221 on an alco-sensor. The officer arrested him for being a pedestrian under the influence.

- From staff reports