Puppy falls into drain, rescued by firefighters

DULUTH - Jill Little resisted for seven years while her children begged her for a dog.

She worried about all the regular maintenance issues that can come with a canine, but she never imagined this.

Little took her 8-week-old puppy Lulu out for its "morning potty break," when she began to chase a neighbors dog and fell into the drain.

"I'm not sure if we are good pet owners," she said with a laugh.

Just one week after the Littles adopted little Lulu, she fell 12 feet down a drainage pipe in the yard, and it took a whole crew of firefighters to get the puppy out.

"It was quite a rescue," Little said Thursday afternoon, hours after the ordeal. "Thank goodness it all turned out well."

According to Gwinnett County fire Lt. Craig Stanley, the Fire Department was called out to the Sugarloaf Country Club address about 7 a.m. The fire crew called the technical rescue rope team and animal control officers out for assistance, and it took about two and a half hours before the Yorkshire terrier was pulled to safety.

Lulu had fallen 12 feet down a four-inch drain, and workers used a grabber tool and a rope to pull her out of the tiny space.

Little said her kids - 10-year-old Emily and 6-year-old Luke - slept through most of the ordeal, but she was surprised at the attention the fire crews gave to the puppy.

"You would have thought it was a little girl down there," she said. "I even felt like it was one of my kids down there."

The puppy was taken to a veterinarian, and the vet told Lulu's owners the puppy may not have survived 30 more minutes.

But thanks to the quick work of the fire crew, she spent Thursday evening snuggling on the couch with Emily.

"We're extremely grateful to them for getting her out," Little said. "She's just stinky. We can't wash her yet. She's been through too much trauma today."