Vandalism causes small sewage spill

LAWRENCEVILLE - Sticks and stones may break bones, but they can also cause a sewer spill.

On Tuesday, a vandal or vandals caused a relatively small spill near Suwanee by dropping sticks and rocks into an open manhole, according to a county report.

The overflow beside a home in the Clairidge at Morningview subdivision sent 1,800 gallons of sewage into a small tributary of Suwanee Creek, the report states.

The manhole marauders might not have acted maliciously, said Gwinnett Water Resources Director Frank Stephens.

Curious children or even an adult trying to plumb the opening's depths could have dropped debris into the manhole, not knowing it would disrupt the sewer line near Summit Gate Drive, he said.

"It doesn't take too much rocks and gravel to cause a problem," Stephens said.