Letters to the Editor

'Real' solution isn't amnesty for illegals

So Jerry Gonzalez of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials objects to Rep. John Linder's bill because "it's not providing a real solution" ("Linder's bill modeled after Mexican law," Page 1A, June 8).

Not a solution, is it? Mexico doesn't have millions of illegal aliens living there, stealing jobs and services from Mexican citizens. Mexico strictly fortifies its border yet howls in hypocritical outrage at the thought of a U.S. wall and militarizing our border.

Most illegal aliens in the U.S. are Mexican nationals. The Mexican government knows U.S. enforcement against illegal aliens will send those Mexicans home with increased pressure for economic reform on the Mexican elitist government and end the $20 billion annual illegal alien wage remittance into their stagnant and corrupt economy.

What Gonzalez really means is that Linder's bill isn't "comprehensive" (politically expedient for "it's not amnesty").

On his "timing" objection, "better late than never."

- Sandra Miller

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